Database Building and Management

Do you struggle to keep up with safety training requirements for your personnel?

EG Worldwide specializes in creating detailed safety training databases that consolidate all relevant information. Our team can create a database tailored to fit your unique needs and requirements.

Investing in a safety database enhances the efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of safety operations. It simplifies administrative tasks and training coordination while verifying that you are providing the highest level of safety measures to protect your employees and the community.

Streamline Your Process

Create a centralized source of information to make it easy for trainers and approved training companies to access and manage personnel training requirements.

Verify Compliance

Track and manage personnel training requirements, monitor progress, and confirm compliance requirements are being met.

Gain a Strategic Partner

EG Worldwide’s expertise and experience helps organizations stay ahead in their safety training initiatives.

Save the City Money, Save Your Staff Time

Our all-in-one safety database will provide a comprehensive overview of City requirements, certification and license requirements, and available training vendors. This will save staff time by focusing only on the required trainings, ultimately saving the City a significant amount of money.

Contact us to discuss how we can streamline your safety training process.