"These continuing education classes taught me so much and made a need-to-do thing actually FUN!"

(what you’ll be saying after my class)

“The BEST continuing ed training! I’ve been in the water & wastewater industry for 20+ years and Erin’s courses are top of my list!”

“I really enjoyed the leadership training/format as well as the discussion we had during the training. The smaller setting was great for discussion purposes because I didn’t feel overwhelmed and hesitant to participate in the discussion.”

– Rick Jordan, Town of Cary Reclaimed Water Supervisor

Earning credits for your Water and Waste Water and Professional Engineer License doesn't have to be boring.

(You work in collections, distribution, plant operations, or maintenance? I’m talking to you, too)

And with my classes,
you also come out a better leader.

Most businesses don’t have the budget for much-needed professional development and the opportunity to learn how to:

That’s why I offer a large variety of classes that give you the credits you need while enhancing your professional development—so you become the stand-out leader in your industry.

12.8 Group
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Nov. 5 crowd

“I’ve taken 5 classes w/ Erin and find her continuing ed. teaching method refreshing and directly applicable to my job as a project manager – specifically on the interpersonal relationship side of things. Her courses allow for much more exchange of ideas between participants than typical continuing ed. courses that I’ve taken.”

– Jay Mokotoff, PE, PMP   

Civil & Environmental Engineering Group Manager at AECOM

“I strongly recommend taking Erin's courses.”

Hi, I’m Erin!

You’re probably here for one of two reasons:

Either to find a way to earn CE credit without banging your head against a wall (let’s be real the content is usually boring and/or redundant).

Or you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills/pursue professional development that your employer will happily pay for.

Either way—I’ve got you covered!

What I help you with isn’t another one-size-fits-all certification.

No “5 pillars to leadership”.

Instead, I’m going to show you how to actually implement
these trainings at work with total confidence.

While working as a professional engineer in corporate, I led teams in the office, on the road, and on the night shift [hanging out with wastewater manholes and coyotes — no kidding, ask me about it].

Small teams and large teams, genders, races, education levels, and experience levels —I’ve led them all.

As a leadership coach, I’ve worked with corporate teams and 1:1 with professionals of all experience and management levels and been teaching continuing ed courses for 10 years.

The best part? I don’t worry myself with censorship. My goal is to bring up the struggles and challenges of being a professional and the hard truths about dealing with difficult bosses, clients, and colleagues and staff ensuring you feel supported and empowered.

Because a good leader needs someone to lead them too.

12.1 class

"The workshop environment was relaxed—yet engaging—and I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and stories."

“Erin has great enthusiasm for the workshops she offers. The workshop environment was relaxed, yet engaging, and I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and stories. Erin is very observant and was able to steer the workshop on the fly to address the leadership challenges of the group.”

– Michael Mazanek, Town of Cary GIS Coordinator

You should sign up for a workshop if you’re…

“I had the pleasure of taking Erin’s Train the Trainer class at the AWWA annual conference. It was a great experience and I learned a great deal. Erin is a great speaker and presenter. I was particularly impressed with the fact that she used an interactive exercise. The experiential aspect of the class left a deeper, lasting impression.”

– Rodney Horne, Amerochem Corporation Consultant

"It’s rare to find someone in the water quality field with the combination of interpersonal and technical skill. Erin brings this to the table. Her services are an excellent investment for any organization."

How I help you with your continuing education courses

(because your job isn’t all managing projects—it’s about leading yourself and your people)

Choose the button below that fits you best:

“The workshop was great! Erin facilitated a lot of participation, which kept things interesting. We were also able to hear the experiences and opinions of many people. That one aspect of the workshop provided broader perspectives to common challenges, which in turn, enrich your leadership skills.”

– Steve Barger, SUEZ Chief Operator

“Hearing the experience and opinions of others provided broader perspectives to common challenges—which in turn—enriched my leadership skills.”

“Erin's class was one of the best workshops I have had in a long time.”

“Our jobs are NOT about managing projects, they are about leading ourselves and our people. Everyone and anyone can benefit from taking the time to enhance your leadership skills.”

– Eddie Bristow, SUEZ Plant Manager

“Erin’s passion for coaching and sharing her expertise is infectious. She is an excellent presenter who demonstrates a passion for helping others achieve their full potential.

Erin is genuine, enthusiastic, dynamic, and encourages others to be their best! Her experience in driving change provides invaluable context. She provides practical real-world expertise that is relatable and effective.”

– Mishelle Smith, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Development Director

“Erin provides practical real-world expertise that’s relatable and effective.”

Besides being a Licensed Professional Engineer, Here Are 7 Fun Facts about me:

Ready to ditch the boring CE classes?

Looking to enhance your leadership skills and pursue
professional development (while your employer picks up the tab)?

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