Leadership Workshops

Our workshops are specifically designed for companies, businesses, and utilities seeking personal, professional, and leadership development for their teams. As a trusted partner, we work closely with these organizations to create customized workshops that align with their unique needs and goals.

Unlike traditional training programs, our workshops offer a dynamic and engaging experience. We believe in the power of live interaction and meaningful conversations. That’s why we provide a live facilitator who brings expertise, energy, and passion to each session. We prioritize engagement and provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions that inspire personal growth and team collaboration.

If you want to infuse your team with passion and ensure that you are pulling in the same direction, but you are not sure how to start, contact Erin. She is an insightful, empathetic leader who engages and motivates folks at all levels of the organization. Erin's enthusiasm for effective leadership is contagious. She speaks from the heart, from personal experience, and her message will resonate with your entire team. Her introspective, thought-provoking approach will help your people better understand how they tie to the mission of your organization and will help you ensure that your mission is a relevant and appropriate encapsulation of your business objectives. We highly recommend Erin!

Welcome to our list of customized leadership workshops!

We understand the significance of customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of each team. Our expertise lies in creating classes that address the specific requirements and goals of your team.

The table below will help you discover our comprehensive range of workshops, all carefully designed to inspire thinking and provide direction and focus to your team.

Let’s collaborate to create a customized plan that harnesses the impactful power of our workshops while fostering growth and the professional capabilities of your team. Together, we will pave the path to success for your organization.

Team Engagement Tweaks

Learn effective tweaks to drive engagement and bring renewed energy to your team.

Showing Up as an Empathetic Leader

Discover how empathy in the workplace brings out the best in people and leads to stronger, more productive teams.

The Role of Failure

Learn how to learn from and thrive in spite of failure, building resilience and moving forward.

Setting Expectations in the Workplace

Gain clarity on expectations in your workplace and discover tactics for getting your expectations met.

How to Deal with Difficult People

Learn strategies for dealing with difficult people and preserving your sanity in challenging situations.

The Role of Confidence in Workplace Success

Gain quick tips to boost your confidence and achieve success in advocating for yourself and presenting to groups.

Communication Fundamentals

Review the basics of communication, ensuring your methods and systems support relationship building.

Customer Service Survival

Discover how to protect yourself from negative communication and turn conversations around for positive outcomes.

How to Deal with Conflict

Explore the reasons conflicts arise and learn strategies for keeping conversations productive and resolving conflicts effectively.

Taking the Abstract out of Accountability

Help your staff understand the meaning of accountability and learn how to apply it in their individual roles.

Communicating with the Public

Learn how to handle challenging encounters with the public, especially when faced with unhappy individuals

Time Management

Managing time can be tricky due to individual differences in thinking, processing, planning, and executing. We will guide employees to find effective and straightforward strategies to manage their time and meet deadlines.

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