Organizational Management

Change management is the art of giving your staff everything they need to thrive before, during, and after necessary changes. It’s about caring, transparency, buy-in, communication, and continuous improvement.

First and foremost, your staff needs to know that you care. They need to see and trust that you have thought about how a change will impact them. Transparency is key, even though you can’t always share every detail.

Erin asks the right questions, reads the room and the people, and then shares her observations and recommendations in a way that everyone can hear it. She has the ability to meet with staff at all levels and discuss difficult topics, delivering tough messages in a way that resonates. Her positive demeanor and ability to share information in a way that people can understand makes her stand out.

Change Management/Organizational Development

So, how do we establish buy-in? We need to communicate why the change is necessary, how it will affect them, and how the end goal will benefit them, the team, or the majority. Understanding the reasons behind the change helps people embrace it, even if it’s tough at first.

But communication doesn’t stop there. During times of change, keeping the lines of communication completely open is paramount. Most organizations struggle with this, assuming they’re communicating when they’re not. We must ensure that the information we’re sharing is being received and understood.

After the change, it’s about building efficiencies, maintaining momentum, and taking the time to reflect on what could have been done differently. We have to keep moving, improving, and listening to ensure ongoing success.

Change management isn’t always easy, but it is simple. It’s about caring for your team, being transparent within limits, establishing buy-in, maintaining open communication, and continuously improving. With these principles in place, your staff will not only navigate change successfully but thrive in the process.

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