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“Erin relates her topic through personal experiences and engages on a level commensurate with her audience.”

– Ted Credle,PE – Director of Public Utilities at Town of Smithfield

“Erin will show you how effective leadership can solve almost any problem. Plus, she’s a thoughtful and intelligent speaker!”

“Erin’s enthusiasm for effective leadership is contagious!”

“Erin is an insightful, empathetic leader who engages and motivates folks at all levels of the organization. She speaks from the heart, and from personal experience.  Her message will resonate with your entire team!

– Ray Cox,PE – VP of Marketing at Highfill Infrastructure Engineering

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Class Options:

- How to Deal with Conflict

- Customer Service Survival

- Communication Fundamentals

- Team Engagement Tweaks

- Showing Up as an Empathetic Leader

- The Role of Failure

- Setting Expectations in the Workplace

- How to Deal with Difficult People

- The Role of Confidence for Workplace Success

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U.S. States Requiring Sponsor Approval

North Carolina Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors - approved
Maryland Board of Engineers - approved
Indiana Board of Engineers - in process

Course content falls within the acceptable guidelines of most states.
All classes apply to the everyday efforts of all engineers to maintain open and transparent communication, thus allowing for more efficient operations, and ultimately, the safety and welfare of the public.

“I’ve taken 5 classes w/ Erin and find her continuing ed. teaching method refreshing and directly applicable to my job as a project manager – specifically on the interpersonal relationship side of things. Her courses allow for much more exchange of ideas between participants than typical continuing ed. courses that I’ve taken.”

Jay Mokotoff, PE, PMP – Civil & Environmental Engineering Manager at AECOM

“I strongly recommend taking Erin's courses."

"Erin's approach is refreshing and more educational than the typical PDH/continuing education courses."

“Erin’s Empathetic Leader course was insightful and informative.  The class was small and felt personalized.  Erin used real stories from her professional life to illustrate certain points and engaged the class participants in open discussions regarding their own experiences.”

– Matt Varrelman, PE – Senior Project Engineer at Network Building + Consulting

“I really enjoyed the webinar about how to deal with difficult people.  I look forward to participating in more of Erin’s CE webinars.”

Matt Swain, PE – Retired

“I found Erin's interactive style to be very refreshing and it was conducive for free exchange of ideas and thoughts."

“I highly recommend Erin's courses. 10/10!”

Erin uses her background as a teacher and her experiences as an engineer to create a relatable and effective learning experience. Her high energy and open platform techniques also make for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Ian Ros, PE – Remediation Engineer at AECOM

“As an engineer, I really appreciated Erin’s training classes as they focused on the interpersonal and communications aspects of teamwork and management. She makes the classes engaging and fun by not reading from a PowerPoint but instead by talking, asking questions, and laughing.  I would recommend her classes to anyone that works within teams or manages others.”

– Scott Alpert, PhD, PE – Environmental Engineer at Hazen & Sawyer

"Most importantly, she gave good examples of exactly how to respond in challenging situations."

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