Water and Wastewater Operator Continuing Education and Schools

We specialize in providing high-quality classes catered specifically to water and wastewater operators and maintenance technicians. Whether you’re seeking to renew your annual certification or enhance your knowledge and skills in the industry, our classes are designed to meet your needs.

We offer two convenient options for signing up: you can choose to join an existing class on our schedule or request a class to be brought directly to your location. We understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility, and we strive to accommodate your preferences.

The BEST continuing ed training! I’ve been in the water & wastewater industry for 20+ years and Erin’s courses are top of my list! I really enjoyed the leadership training/format as well as the discussion we had during the training. The smaller setting was great for discussion purposes because I didn’t feel overwhelmed and hesitant to participate in the discussion.

Continuing Education Classes

One of the key advantages of attending our classes is that they provide the required 6 contact hours for annual certification renewal. We value your time and are committed to delivering informative and engaging content that meets the certification requirements and enhances your professional development. 

In addition to comprehensive learning experiences, we believe in providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment. That’s why our classes always include snacks, drinks, and lunch. We want you to have a productive and pleasant experience while expanding your knowledge and connecting with fellow industry professionals. 

Welcome to our NCDEQ approved Continuing Education Class List!

Whether you’re a water operator or a wastewater operator, all of our options offer dual credit and provide 6 contact hours.

Have specific training needs? No problem! We specialize in building customized classes tailored to your requirements.

Join us today and enhance your professional development!

Leadership Skills

Communicating with the Public

Communication in the Workplace

Basic Training: People Managers
Accountability & Leadership
Safety in the Workplace
OSHA General Industry 10 hr
Confined Space
Lock Out/Tag Out

Safety Training: CPR/AED/First Aid Certification

Bugs – Wanted Dead or Alive (WW only)

Erin is a fantastic presenter! She is a thoughtful and intelligent speaker that engages on a level commiserate with her audience. She is prepared with an outline, but allows enough leeway so everyone can relate a story. Erin relates her topic through personal experiences and shows how effective leadership can solve almost any problem.

Biological Wastewater Operator Schools

At EG Worldwide’s Biological Wastewater Operator Schools, we offer a unique learning experience that sets us apart from the rest. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us:

  1. Onsite Learning: Conveniently located at a wastewater treatment facility, our schools provide hands-on training and a classroom environment.
  2. Personalized Mentorship: With multiple Grade 4 operators onsite, you’ll receive individualized guidance and support.
  3. Supportive Resources: We provide study recommendations, professionally bound notebooks, and nourishing meals to ensure your success.
  4. Exceptional Success Rate: Our schools have a higher exam pass rate than the state average, preparing you for a successful career.

Erin was enthusiastic and kept the class engaging and fun. I learned alot and now I am confident I can pass my exam.

A+ - I have been to other schools and this school was far and away a better experience. The instructors, the plant tours, the engagement, and especially the food!

Erin is the best teacher – if you don’t understand she will find another way to help you learn. The guest teachers were also outstanding. The real-life stories that accompanied the content definitely help with information retention. I can’t wait to come back for Grade 2.

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