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“Erin has great enthusiasm for the workshops she offers. The workshop environment was relaxed, yet engaging, and I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and stories. Erin is very observant and was able to steer the workshop on the fly to address the leadership challenges of the group.”

– Michael Mazanek, Town of Cary GIS Coordinator

“The workshop environment was relaxed—yet engaging—and I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and stories.“

“It’s rare to find someone in the water quality field with the combination of interpersonal and technical skill. Erin brings this to the table. Her services are an excellent investment for any organization.“

“I had the pleasure of taking Erin’s Train the Trainer class at the AWWA annual conference. It was a great experience and I learned a great deal. Erin is a great speaker and presenter. I was particularly impressed with the fact that she used an interactive exercise. The experiential aspect of the class left a deeper, lasting impression.”

– Rodney Horne, Amerochem Corporation Consultant

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NC, SC, VA instructor approval details


Water – 198177

Wastewater – CE08281904


Water – 209261

Wastewater – CE05202002

North Carolina (NC) Approved Classes



Leadership Skills - Wastewater (NCWPCSOCC)

Comm. in the Workplace - Wastewater (NCWPCSOCC)

Comm. with the Public - Wastewater (NCWPCSOCC)







Leadership Skills - Water (NCWTFOCB)

Comm. in the Workplace - Water (NCWTFOCB)

Comm. with the Public - Water (NCWTFOCB)







SC: All workshops fall under the an approved Administration/Management CE Topic for all water and wastewater areas​.

VA: All workshops fall under the approved administrative processes and procedures and/or utility management CE topics for waterworks and wastewater works.

“We shared stories and talked about real life experiences! (Not your typical class where you get bored and want to bang your head on the desk)”

“I really enjoyed the workshop. I also really appreciated the flexible schedule of breaking the workshop into two days – I was able to get the contact hours in and still have a good portion of my day left to accomplish my work.”

Mark Wright, Town of Pittsboro Public Works Superintendent

“I really enjoyed the leadership training/format as well as the discussion we had during the training. The smaller setting was great for discussion purposes because I didn’t feel overwhelmed and hesitant to participate in the discussion.”

Rick Jordan, Town of Cary Reclaimed Water Supervisor

“The BEST continuing ed training! I’ve been in the water & wastewater industry for 20+ years and Erin’s courses are top of my list!”

Workshop Schedule

Upcoming Virtual LIVE & IN PERSON LIVE Trainings

All events below are 6 contact hour options

Nov 2022
16 November 2022 3:21 pm

Communicating with the Public (W/WW: 6 contact hours)

Description: Water and wastewater operators are often in public facing situations and encounters. Understanding how to respond is critical, especially when many encounters involve conflict and/or escalated communication.  Preparation and […]

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“I really appreciate that Erin was able to facilitate a workshop that didn’t put me to sleep. She kept the conversation going and kept it interesting. I enjoyed the class.”

– Randy Bell, City of Greensboro Head Operator

“The workshop gave me a behind the scenes view of upper management challenges. That shift in perspective gave me a better understanding how and why they make the decisions they do. And, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel like banging my head against a wall for six hours like I typically do in these classes.”

– Scott Eaton, City of Greensboro Mechanical Technician

“Never a dull moment from the time the class started until it ended,  Erin is an awesome and knowledgeable instructor which made the class fun and promoted individuals  to share their own experiences.  The class topic was an eye opener and I very much enjoyed my time meeting with Erin and the other participants!”

– Lee Eakes, Greenville Utilities Commission

“I’m not a fan of classes but I must say your class was fun. I like the fact that you kept things interesting with engaging topics. Looking forward to taking another class next year.”

– Jonathan Yancey, Water Treatment Supervisor at SGWASA

“Erin taught a great class! I was able to share my stories and contribute to the workshop. I appreciated that opportunity and felt listened to.”

– Phil Harris, SUEZ Plant Operator

“I appreciated that Erin kept the workshop interactive. It made me pay attention and kept me awake.”

Mike McIntyre, Charlotte Water

10.8 Operator CE class


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